Google is one of the best known and most important search engines worldwide. Almost every company or service provider not only has its own website, but is also represented in Google’s business directory Google My Business. That Google evaluations have an ever more important relevance for the rankings there as well as for new customer acquisition, meanwhile everyone knows. No wonder – according to one research, 67% of offline customers use service providers on site, – no matter whether they are craftsmen, restaurants, tax consultants, lawyers, doctors etc. – which they find via Google.

Unfortunately, reviews are rarely fair and objective. Frustrated customers write their anger off their soul, former employees insult their old employer and competitors spread alternative facts about the competition. Unfortunately, it is the case that customers evaluate much less often if you are satisfied with something.


A good Google review is an important decision criterion for potential customers. A good reputation of your company, your products or your services will result in significantly higher sales. Sometimes a single Google Rating is enough to achieve a measurable increase in sales. How high this increase is depends on how many of your competitors have already built up their business. Restaurants usually need more reviews than a metal trade. In the adjoining graphic you can see what influence a review can have.

We recommend that you look at the Google profiles of your competitors. Afterwards you will already get a good impression of how many reviews you need. The Google ratings should also be prepared by local people (Google Local Guides). Lutendo brings you together with exactly these people and makes sure that you receive ratings from exactly these people.

Google Basic
one-time payment
10 reviews
9.9 €/review
Expert Network
Tailored Service
Complete Confidentiality
7/24 Support Coverage

Google Basic

Steigern Sie die Glaubwürdigkeit Ihres Unternehmens mit maßgeschneiderten 10x Google-Bewertungen!

Google Advanced
one-time payment
20 reviews
9.4 €/review
Expert Network
Tailored Service
Complete Confidentiality
7/24 Support Coverage
Gain Competitive Advantage

Google Advanced

Steigern Sie die Glaubwürdigkeit Ihres Unternehmens mit maßgeschneiderten 20x Google-Bewertungen!

Google Premium
one-time payment
50 reviews
7.8 €/review
Expert Network
Tailored Service
Complete Confidentiality
7/24 Support Coverage
Enhanced Credibility & Visibility
Expanded Customer Reach

Google Premium

Steigern Sie die Glaubwürdigkeit Ihres Unternehmens mit maßgeschneiderten 50x Google-Bewertungen!


In order to increase your sales and visibility in the long term and to keep your company’s reputation positive, it is essential that you regularly receive a positive Google rating on your My Business profile. Our tip: Respond to a received review. Thank me for good feedback but also respond to a negative review. Explain your view of things objectively. Promise to improve on mistakes you have made and be accommodating. A negative star review that has been answered conclusively is often considered not at all bad.

In our inexpensive ABO package, our algorithm calculates how many reviews you need for a natural setup depending on ranking, competitor changes, etc. This way we generate for you continuously and regularly a star Google rating and you can concentrate fully on your business!

To keep you informed about new star reviews generated by Lutendo, we will keep you up to date with regular email reports. If you want to improve your reach on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tripadvisor or Yelp, you can add reviews for these platforms at any time – as always cost effective! In addition, our friendly support team is available to you at all times if you have any questions or would like individual advice.


Did you know that the first three positions on Google for a term get more than half (about 56%) of all clicks? Are you wondering how you can bring your company to the top positions? One of the most important factors are ratings on your Google My Business profile!

One look at your profile reveals a lot about how your customers think about you! And what is even more important: potential new customers decide based on your previous reputation whether they visit your restaurant, cafe, bar, pub, etc. or whether you add products to their shopping cart or not. The big problem here? Unsatisfied customers give a corresponding rating much more often than the majority of satisfied customers. This is where Lutendo comes into play.

No matter if you want to advertise your offer at low cost or regularly generate a good review on Google, Facebook and Co. for your business – on Lutendo you have all possibilities.


Here you will find our useful series of articles about Google Reviews. Click through and become an expert. For every entrepreneur this knowledge is an absolute must!

Our Workflow




Unser Service hilft Ihnen, das Ansehen und die Glaubwürdigkeit Ihres Unternehmens zu verbessern, indem wir authentische, positive Bewertungen von echten Kunden bereitstellen. Wir nutzen einen strategischen Ansatz, um sicherzustellen, dass die Bewertungen optimiert sind und Ihr Unternehmen sich von der Konkurrenz abhebt.


Wir helfen Ihrem Unternehmen, von potenziellen Kunden entdeckt zu werden, indem wir sicherstellen, dass Ihr Unternehmen auf allen wichtigen Social-Media-Plattformen sichtbar ist. Unser Team von Experten arbeitet daran, Ihre Unternehmensliste zu optimieren und sicherzustellen, dass sie in den Suchergebnissen hochrangig platziert wird.


Unser Service hilft Ihnen, mehr Traffic auf Ihre Website zu bringen, Conversions zu steigern und letztendlich den Umsatz zu steigern. Durch die Nutzung der Kraft von positiven Bewertungen und optimierter Sichtbarkeit helfen wir Ihnen, neue Kunden zu gewinnen und bestehende Kunden zu binden. Unser datengesteuerter Ansatz stellt sicher, dass Sie messbare Ergebnisse erhalten, die sich positiv auf Ihre Bilanz auswirken.


If you want to buy Google Ratings and thus strengthen the reputation of your company, you should consider a few basic things. A one-time purchase is neither effective nor sustainable. Before making a purchase, you should have a strategy for how many reviews to build up over what period of time. As a local company it is also always advisable to take your own marketing measures: Put out flyers at your counter and ask for a good Google rating. Of course you can also ask your customers personally in a concluding conversation. However, experience shows that these own measures only rarely work permanently.

Depending on the number of reviews of the competitors it has to be decided how many reviews one should buy in order to achieve a positive effect.

Example 1: A local alternative practitioner has a total of two ratings on his profile. His direct competitor has five and eight. All practices have a star average of five. How many reviews have to be bought and over what period of time? Since there are apparently only a few reviews generated here, the recommendation would be to buy one to a maximum of two Google reviews per month. This strengthens the impression of natural generation. Furthermore, in this case it is especially important that the reviewers are real local guides.

Example 2: a restaurant in London has a total of 829 ratings and has a star average of 4.2. the fiercest competitor in the same district has 2,287 ratings and has a star average of 4.6. the question again is: how many google reviews buy – and over what period of time? In a busy restaurant, many people come and go every day. Unlike in a practice, you are dealing with a constantly changing audience. In other words: A lot of potential new reviewers. The recommendation in this case is: buy reviews and buy 20 – 30 pieces per month. The goal must be to get above the number of competitors and achieve a star average of 4.4 – 4.8. The strategy should be designed for several years and should be firmly planned into the company’s marketing budget.

Drive Success with Lutendo's Review Services

Lutendo empowers businesses like yours to excel in the digital landscape. We provide a seamless solution to help you amass positive reviews, thereby boosting your visibility and standing out among your competitors. Take charge of your online reputation today by leveraging Lutendo’s unrivaled expertise and comprehensive review services.


How important are reviews? How many star ratings do I need to keep up with the competition? How do I react to negative reviews? How do I recognize fake reviews? Is it advisable to buy Google Reviews yourself?

Find out everything about reviews on over 45 pages. Starting with the basics, the e-book offers detailed statistics and surveys on the topic of ratings. Use the knowledge and evaluations of the study to draw the right measures and conclusions for your business in the future, so that more customers buy from you and add your products to their shopping cart.

  1. Introduction
  2. Google My Business
  3. Industry analysis Google Reviews
  4. Fake reviews & trust
  5. The perfect star average
  6. How many reviews are useful?
  7. Actuality of online reviews
  8. How do you react to reviews?
  9. How do you get reviews?
  10. Conclusion

Unveil Your Business to the World with Lutendo!

At Lutendo, we understand the significance of a strong online presence and are here to assist you in fortifying your reputation. With our platform, you gain access to thousands of genuine reviewers who possess the expertise to deliver high-quality, authentic reviews for your business. By leveraging the power of positive reviews, you can ensure that potential clients discover your exceptional services and offerings.


No, it is not illegal to buy Google reviews. There is no jurisdiction in the European zone that disallows users from purchasing reviews for their business. Buying Google reviews can be a strategic marketing move to enhance your online reputation and increase credibility. However, it is essential to ensure that the reviews are genuine and comply with Google's guidelines. At Lutendo, we provide genuine reviews from real people who have experience in writing reviews. Our service helps businesses boost their credibility and trust without violating any legal regulations.

The number of Google reviews you should buy depends on your business goals and requirements. We offer three different packages: Basic, Advanced, and Premium, with 10, 20, and 50 reviews respectively. Choosing the right package depends on factors such as the size of your business, competition in your industry, and your desired level of visibility. It's important to strike a balance between having a substantial number of reviews and maintaining authenticity. Our team can guide you in selecting the package that aligns with your objectives and ensures an optimal impact on your online reputation.

The timeframe to see results from buying Google reviews can vary depending on several factors, such as the current state of your online presence and the competitiveness of your industry. However, in most cases, you can expect to see the impact of the purchased reviews within a few weeks. It takes time for the reviews to be indexed by Google and for potential customers to notice and engage with them. Rest assured, our team works diligently to expedite the process and maximize the effectiveness of the reviews in enhancing your business's reputation and visibility.

Buying Google reviews offers several benefits for your business. Firstly, it helps boost your credibility and trustworthiness among potential customers. Positive reviews create a positive impression and influence purchase decisions. Secondly, buying reviews can increase the visibility of your business on Google, as reviews contribute to search engine rankings. This can result in higher organic traffic and exposure. Lastly, positive reviews can drive increased sales by attracting more customers and building a strong online reputation. With Lutendo's review generation service, you can leverage these benefits to enhance your business performance and stay ahead of the competition.

Purchasing Google Reviews can be a strategic decision to enhance your business's online presence and reputation. Positive reviews play a crucial role in attracting customers and building trust. However, it's essential to ensure that the reviews are genuine and comply with Google's terms of service. Lutendo's review generation service provides authentic reviews from real people, helping you highlight your business's strengths. If you want to boost credibility, increase visibility, and drive sales, purchasing Google Reviews can be a valuable investment. It's important to choose a reputable service provider like Lutendo to ensure high-quality, compliant reviews that align with your business goals.