How It Works?

Copy your unique Referral Link or QR code
Promote Lutendo on your platform(s) of choice
Earn rewards for each business that signs up through your link or scans your QR code
See your impact grow with real-time stats and earnings on your dashboard

Personal Recommendations

Word of mouth is powerful! Face-to-face chats, business meetings, or networking events are great opportunities to talk about Lutendo and share your referral link or QR code.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Use your social platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn—to share your referral link and QR code. Regular posts, engaging captions, and unique hashtags can greatly boost your visibility and conversions.

Leverage Email Marketing

Include your referral link in the emails you send out, whether in the main body or as a signature. A well-crafted email can motivate your contacts to explore Lutendo's services.

Embed in your Blog or Website

If you manage a blog or website, integrate your referral link and QR code into relevant content or create specific content around Lutendo and its services.

Printed Materials Are Still in Play

You can print your QR code on business cards, brochures, or flyers. These materials can be shared at local events, meetups, or even left at local businesses or cafes.

Consistent Tracking and Follow-up

Make sure to monitor the performance of your referral link and QR code regularly. This will help you understand what works best and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Reward Announcements

Whenever you get rewards from the affiliate program, announce it on your channels. It helps build credibility and encourages others to click on your referral link or scan the QR code.

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Discover how our affiliates have made a real impact with Lutendo. They’ve helped businesses grow, achieved personal goals, and earned impressive rewards. Get inspired by their stories and start your own success story today.